Hanor LMS

The Hanor family of companies is one of the nation’s premier pork producers. With operations in 7 states and over 650 employees, Hanor has grown to be a world-class leader in pork production by creating and sustaining superior performance.

Requirement and the idea behind it

Hanor required a learning management system to train and educate their ‘Growers’ and other essential employees about the basic practices of the industry as well as keeping them informed about the changing procedures.
The employees will then be ‘certified’ in said training and will receive credentials according to their opted courses.
  • In order to implement this Hanor wanted the following user personas to be integrated in
    the Learning Management System:

    • Master Admin
      • Manage all profiles. View all regions, groups, students, etc.
      • Permissions include
        • Content creation
        • Universal reporting
        • User editing, etc.
    • Regional Admin
      • Monitor only the assigned region. Can view all groups, students, etc. in specified region
      • Permissions include
        • Entire region reporting
        • Region specific user editing
        • User editing, etc.
    • Group (Cost center) Admin
      • Is the farm owner and assigned supervisor. Can see students in specified group
      • Permissions include
        • Group reporting
        • Assessments of assigned employees
        • User editing, etc.
    • Group (Cost center) Admin
      • Can see only their information.
      • Participate in training, access courses, view achievements, certificates, etc.



Successfully implemented a Learning Management System that allows Learners and Growers to view and opt for content related to new practices around them, under the guidance and supervision of Group Admins. Moreover, all user personas were implemented and behave as follows:
  • Created Learners / Growers role to view various courses related to various practices to which they can opt for accordingly. Moreover, upon completion they can view certifications and achievements.
  • Allowed Group Admin to view progress of students in a specified group with added reporting functionality and access to students assessments for appropriate grading where needed.
  • Created a Regional admin user, facilitating them with all view and edit rights for all groups of students with respect to the region that they are assigned.
  • Created a Master Admin user that can view and edit information of all users and has access to add and edit any and all information.

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