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Why Do You Need eLearning Training Solutions?

Corporate organizations need constant innovation to stay ahead of the competition, and innovation comes with employees who think out-of-the-box. Our online training services enable you to build custom eLearning training solutions and intuitive assessments. These specially designed training programs help you maximize employee productivity and performance by enabling your employees to get out of their monotonous routine and by encouraging them to think creatively, along with adding to their skills.
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What Kinds Of Training Do We Enable You To Offer


Orientation & Introduction to the organization.

Safety & Compliance Training

Training to comply with any and all regulations that apply.

Custom Sales & Product Training

Sales demos, mentorship, and knowledge about the product.

Operations Training

Process/time management, and strategies that help streamline operations.

Customer Service & Customer Relationship Management Training

Demo calls and formal training on how to talk to difficult customers.

Assessment Solutions & Online Training Services We Offer

What Can Our Intuitive Assessment Solutions Do For You?


Effective evaluation and analysis


Peer reviews and self-reviews


Multiple-choice questions


Variety of grading formats


Quizzes and tests


True/false questions


Short answers/fill in the blanks


Pre-defined time limits for evaluations

Online exams and assessments


Identification of employee weaknesses


Custom Learning Paths


Pre-defined time limits for evaluations


Question reviews


Variety of assessment formats


Limited number of attempts

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Our Case Studies

Hanor LMS

Integrating an LMS to train and educate their ‘Growers’ and other essential employees about the basic practices of the industry as well as keeping them informed about the changing procedures.


Mercury powers professional Crypto trading using a sleek and user friendly interface. They look to provide users content related to Crypto trading in order to keep their users updated and educated.


Moodology aims to use curated learning content aimed at people facing mental problems, to help them improve their psychological health.

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Why Choose Folio3?

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Satisfied Customers

What Our Clients Say

Johnny McGuire

Product Manager, TRUETRAC

Awesome work

The Folio3 team has consistently exceeded our expectations. It felt as if we were working with an onshore team. It was their ability to understand our needs and keep us engaged throughout the entire process that has resulted in an exceptional product and a valued partner
Anne Thys

VP Logistics, Sundia Corporation

I love Folio3!

We were extraordinarily pleased with the functionality and depth of understanding that Folio3's solution exhibited after a relatively brief but incisive, project kickoff meeting. Folio3 ``gets it`` from the start, relieving us from tedious development discussions drawn out over a long period of time.
Sarah Schumacher

Progressive Beef Program Manager at Zoetis

Nice job!!

The Folio3 team did an amazing job. They really look out for the customer and try and do the best for them. Very impressed with the final product they delivered. I really enjoyed working with their team and would highly recommend them.
Stewart Kelly

Founder & CTO, Sidestep

Excellent team!!!

They have helped us manage and execute the bulk of the engineering work necessary for integrating with our partners in the Airline, Car and Hotel verticals.
Tony Lapine

CEO, HipLink Software

Very fast!!

Having reliable, high quality product development, QA and marketing support resources gives us more bang for the buck and enables much shorter development timeframes than a US only operation.
Mike Do

Software Engineer, Barnes & Noble

Awesome work

Whether it’s a new development, update or maintenance – Folio3 always shines through.
Their turnaround time is always stellar, it’s a pleasure to work with them.
Thais Forneret

Back Office Manager, Maestro Conference

Very effective!!

Folio3 nails it again and again. Their development & QA work is absolutely flawless, couldn’t have asked for a better technology partner.
Idrees Shah

Project Consultant, Public Authority for Consumer Protection, Government of Oman

Awesome company!!

Folio3 has developed our award winning cross platform app on the Sencha Touch framework and we are very happy with the implementation and the capabilities of the product.

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Hire our dedicated eLearning consultants with years of experience in developing corporate training programs & custom eLearning solutions. Let us help you boost your employee morale and productivity with specially designed e-learning solutions for training and assessment.
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