Who We Serve

Whether you’re a budding ed-tech startup, a corporation looking for employee training programs, or an educational institution looking for a custom e-learning solution, we are here to design your winning strategy. At Folio3, we help design smart, bespoke e-learning solutions that fit your criteria and help solve your unique challenges. We facilitate you in your mission, whether that is streamlining your processes, managing your learners, training your employees, or working on bringing an exciting new idea to life.

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re an innovative tech startup, a funded startup with a great idea, or even an individual, we have exactly what you need to gain an edge over your competitors right from the get-go. We provide custom e-learning solutions and services to tech startups within their budget.

Custom Application

Create bespoke applications to reach out to your learners, or bring a brand new idea to life. We are here to transform your idea by running it through a well-defined design sprint and help you build the best version of an MVP. Let our e-learning experts help you make waves with your custom ed-tech solution.

Corporations & Enterprises

Drive growth and sustainability with the help of on-the-job training and learning solutions that maximize the efficiency of your workforce. Build training programs and skills-enhancement courses to keep the motivate up your staff and enhance their skill set at the same time.

Let us help you welcome your employees and help them gel into the culture of your organization with a custom onboarding solution. Boost performances from the get-go and reduce the “teething period” with a formal onboarding solution that teaches your employees about their job and how to grow along with the organization.

Product and Sales Training

We customize employee training programs specific to the current skill level of the employees and the relevant training. This customized training and concurrent assessments make learning faster and increase efficiency with the help of ongoing support.

Compliance Training

We understand the importance of compliance and having to comply with regulations and our e-learning solutions ensure that your employees and staff receive the necessary compliance training they need to qualify and get certified for performing their various functions and tasks.

Higher Educational Institutions

We help develop and customize learning solutions that enhance the basic student experience and maximize learning outcomes at the same time. We make our solutions flexible and accessible and aim to facilitate students as well as educators at the same time. At this stage, learning is more concentrated and our solutions make it easier for students to retain what they're learning.

Virtual Classroom

We help you recreate your traditional college classroom in a modern digital classroom solution, where your students and educators can discuss, interact, present, and communicate with each other without any actual physical presence. This also means you are able to hire subject matter experts and teachers from anywhere in the world to teach your preferred subjects.
virtual classroom

Faculty-Driven Solutions

Leverage our expert panel and the third-party subject matter experts we collaborate with to plan and execute the perfect faculty-driven courses for your students. Moreover, our content may be faculty-driven, but our solution and the entire learning experience we offer are absolutely student and learner-centric.

Mobile Learning Solutions

With the entire world going digital and relying more and more on cellphones, the education industry isn’t much far behind. Students are increasingly looking for convenience and more accessible learning. Our solutions use advanced tools and state-of-the-art technology and help them learn on the go.

Non-Profit Associations

Our expertise is not limited to educational institutions and corporations. We create learning solutions that help make a difference in the world and create a ripple effect. We help societies and non-profit organizations reach their full potential by creating interactive content for them in the form of research papers, journals, and brochures.
Editorial Services

Our editorial services include but are not limited to copyediting, templates, indexing, proofreading, designing, and even prepress for your digital publications. Our services ensure that you get maximum engagement from your content.

Going Online

We can help you in migrating all your legacy content from your dated applications and platforms to a digital cloud solution so that you can offer your users a more interactive and wholesome digital experience.

Publishing and Distribution Platform

We can also help your organization digitally publish as well as distribute scholarly journals, brochures, reports, and other content across different operating systems and platforms.

K-12 Educational Institutions

We help you redefine learning right from the start to be able to cater to a more tech-savvy generation because smart learning is the way to go!. We offer a variety of e-learning software solutions for schools and educational institutions, facilitating them in delivering a whole new engaging, interactive experience to students.