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For most organizations that want legacy content conversion, their major concern is the budget. The overhead costs that come with such a conversion, for instance, migration costs tend to go up when the courses are high in number. The good news is that we have different approaches that we can follow to convert your legacy course content from Flash to HTML5 according to your budget!

Course Content Conversion from Flash to HTML5

Convert your content from Flash and CBT to a more compatible HTML5 format.

SCORM Compliance

We ensure that your LMS courses are SCORM-compliant.

Responsive Learning

Our conversions give you responsive course content with a seamless experience on multiple devices.

Bespoke HTML5 Course Content

We offer tailored eLearning modules and content at a price you can afford.

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Are you planning on a quick legacy course conversion to streamline your Learning Management System?

The Conversion Strategy We Employ at Folio3

Flash animations to video output

If your course content also has interactions and knowledge checks, etc., then we have to go for the redevelop and rebuild approach. With this approach, we attempt to replicate the entire course by using the assets from the existing course content to build it again.

Redevelop and Rebuild

If your course content also has interactions and knowledge checks, etc., then we have to go for the redevelop and rebuild approach. With this approach, we attempt to replicate the entire course by using the assets from the existing course content to build it again.


This is the last approach where we have to redesign and develop the whole course from scratch and we only do this if the existing course is too basic with minimal interactions, and needs an upgrade for a new feel and look.

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What Makes our Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services Stand Out?

We have a dedicated team of HTML5 experts that works closely with your team to understand your requirements and specific challenges before they recommend the best possible solutions for you that fit your budget.

  • Team of HTML5 development experts that ensures flawless conversion.

  • The best project management team, that ensures seamless workflow, and keeps you involved and updated at every stage.

  • Timely delivery

  • SCORM compliance

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3D Process To eLearning Development


We first analyze the obstacles in your learning process, identify where the targeted audience is and how your business can benefit from the training. The platform, content length and subject matter for your course are decided as well.


Second, we develop eLearning courses that provide digestible chunks of information and are structured to enable you to focus on the course instead of how it's organized. We also handle eLearning production and quality assurance


Lastly, we help you set up your custom eLearning course by guiding you through the process every iteration. We ensure that your training is effective and are continually improving it.

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Custom eLearning Development Success Stories


Reader's Bee

  • A multi award winning, interactive, learning app for iOS for kids aged 5 and under.
  • The app uses interactive spelling activities & games to help children understand the shapes & sounds of various words.
  • It also features interactive reading activities and books that teach children how to read.


  • Learning games between each chapter that are designed to recycle key language and improve a student’s English skills
  • Allows parents to add multiple children to their console
  • Enables teachers to track the reading stats for individual students or get a classroom view of their students’ progress on their assigned readings
  • Uses badges, points & leaderboards for gamification


  • A virtual world for children aged 5 to 14 years
  • Children can explore virtual lands, undertake quests, play games, maintain a home, nurture pets and interact with friends.
  • The site also allows children to publish their works (writing, drawings, videos) and invite friends and family to view and comment on them.
  • Developed using Flash for the front-end and Java for the back-end.


Enables teachers and educators to:

Share book reviews and recommendations with students
Manage and monitor student’s reading lists and challenges

Enables kids to:

Connect with friends and see which books are popular
Recommend books to other children and build their own virtual bookshelf

Enables parents to:

Find books appropriate for their child’s interests and ability
Check their children’s reading list and assignments

Summit K-12

Summit K12’s vision is to provide teaching and learning solutions that enable all students to reach their full academic potential in Science, Reading, and Social Studies regardless of where they are on the learning continuum.
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Interactive UI to access quizzes, books, and other learning materials
  • Adaptive Learning to set students on a path based on their quiz scores
  • Integration with interactive book readers through LTIs (Learning Tools Interoperability)
  • Interactive flashcards
  • Custom KPI Dashboard

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Folio3 is a software development partner for Fortune 500’s, Enterprise & Startups

We are alums of Intel, Silicon Graphics, and Qualcomm; techies from MIT and Caltech entrepreneurs and inventors from Silicon Valley; enthusiasts for all things digital; big believers in technology’s potential; bigger believers in human potential.

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Awesome Work

The Folio3 team has consistently exceeded our expectations. It felt as if we were working with an onshore team. It was their ability to understand our needs and keep us engaged throughout the entire process that has resulted in an exceptional product and a valued partner.

Johnny McGuire

Product Manager, TRUE TRAC

I love Folio3!

We were extraordinarily pleased with the functionality and depth of understanding that Folio3’s solution exhibited after a relatively brief but incisive, project kickoff meeting. Folio3 “gets it“ from the start, relieving us from tedious development discussions drawn out over a long period of time.

Anne Thys

VP Logistics, Sundia Corporation

Nice job!!

The Folio3 team did an amazing job. They really look out for the customer and try and do the best for them. Very impressed with the final product they delivered. I really enjoyed working with their team and would highly recommend them.

Sarah Schumacher

Progressive Beef Program Manager at Zoetis

Very fast!!

Having reliable, high quality product development, QA and marketing support resources gives us more bang for the buck and enables much shorter development timeframes than a US only operation.

Tony Lapine

CEO, HipLink Software

Awesome work

Whether it’s a new development, update, or maintenance – Folio3 always shines through. Their turnaround time is always stellar, it’s a pleasure to work with them.

Mike Do

Software Engineer, Barnes & Noble

Awesome company!!

Folio3 has developed our award winning cross platform app on the Sencha Touch framework and we are very happy with the implementation and the capabilities of the product.

Idrees Shah

Project Consultant, Public Authority for Consumer Protection, Government of Oman

Excellent team!!!

They have helped us manage and execute the bulk of the engineering work necessary for integrating with our partners in the Airline, Car and Hotel verticals.

Stewart Kelly

Founder & CTO, Sidestep

Very effective!!

Folio3 nails it again and again. Their development & QA work is absolutely flawless, couldn’t have asked for a better technology partner.

Thais Forneret

Back Office Manager, Maestro Conference


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