The idea of HelloLoss; a place to find a welcoming other, to discover new skills, heal the mind, strengthen the soul and find a way forward.
HelloLoss wants the time you spend with them to be valuable, help you find healing, achieve happiness and satisfaction with what you do.

Requirement and the idea behind it

HelloLoss wants to spread its message of allowing people attain mental peace and a way to deal with their mental issues. In order to do that, they wanted to create a mobile application that caters to these specific individuals. They wanted to incorporate the following:
  • In order to gauge their mental health stability a user can take an assessment.
  • Incorporate various content based on the level of distress a user might be experiencing in their everyday life.
  • Permissions include
  • Allow users to deal with insecurities on the spot at any point of the day.
  • Access to a series that allows users to view content in order to get better.
  • Subscription and payment method to access all specialized series for a better life.


  • Incorporated a 21 question Wellness Assessment, which based on the users responses gives them a wellness score out of 10. The user can go back to this assessment in the future to view their progress through the calculated score.
  • Incorporated a “Skills” page, where users can go and play the following skill games:

    • Four Point: Allows users to enter personalized issues and
      distresses, and then takes them on a journey to type out their distress, why they face them and what
      they want to achieve by overcoming it by the medium of a questionnaire.
    • Rewire: Allows users to view events/content based on their level of distress they added on Four Point.
    • Shifter: Allows users to input what sort of negative emotion is
      causing them issues in the present and gives them a series of audio modules to provide relief and uplift
      them on a “quick”, “medium” and “long” scale.

  • Incorporated a payment method to get access to subscription based content.
  • Incorporated a Coaching section that allows users to view available coaches and interact with them to get personalized help.

Technology Used




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