Moodology is a proud part of the AiGenics family of digital healthcare solutions. They are dedicated to bringing an ever improving experience for individuals on their journey towards mental wellbeing. With decades of experience in health care improvement, their team has helped transform care for millions around the world.

Requirement and the idea behind it

Moodology wanted Folio3 to create an application that would target individuals being affected by Anxiety and/or Depression. The main aim of the application is to act as a support system for such individuals. The application would do the following to help these individuals get better:
  • Make users fill an assessment form, which on a scale of 1-30, determines how anxiety and depression are affecting people’s daily lives using an assessment form. (1 refers to not too heavily affected and 30 refers to very heavily affected)
  • Providing users with Cognitive Behavior Therapy, in order to improve their perspective on things and their mental health situation.
  • Incorporating a chatbot to help individuals communicate and get appropriate support.
  • Introduce Quick relief exercises to seek immediate care, relaxation and clear thinking.


Folio3 developed a mobile application for Moodology that was centered around catering to individuals suffering from mental health issues and providing them with a platform to seek help and get better.
  • Integrated an 18 questions assessment that a user fills out to determine their anxiety and depression levels. This assessment is something that users can come back to on a daily basis to see their gradual growth and improvement while using the application.
  • Created several quick relief exercises for users that need immediate help.
  • Incorporated several lessons revolving around Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

    • There are in total 9 lessons and a user can not skip ahead to a lesson without completing the previous one, making sure every user goes through all relevant material for their betterment.
    • Before each session, the application asks for the user’s Mood in order to assess any improvement due to the sessions.

  • Incorporated a smart chatbot to help users speak their mind while being able to get appropriate responses and help where needed.
  • Incorporated a smart chatbot to help users speak their mind while being able to get appropriate responses and help where needed.
  • A dashboard was added so that users can view their progress and details of the last date they took an assessment, quick relief exercise, etc
  • A diary private to the user was created, so that users can write their thoughts and hopefully reflect on it as time progresses.
  • Finally, our most important addition was adding links to professionals for individuals that might not be making appropriate progress or because they are too deep into anxiety and depression levels due to which they need immediate professional care.

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