Elements Of LMS Gamification

Elements Of LMS Gamification

A game is indeed an activity that encourages participation, physical fitness, and entertainment. There are numerous game genres. Two examples will help further to illustrate this notion for this article.

Chess is recommended to teach military personnel how to plan out their movements. Knuckles was an ancient game that kept people occupied during difficult times like famines and droughts.

Gamification incorporates features and ideas from games into non-game contexts, such as learning.

According to research, making routine tasks more enjoyable has a favorable effect on people. Despite contextual and individual variations, the overall outcomes are outstanding.

A typical LMS (Learning Management System) feature is gamification, most commonly incorporated in LMS customization

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Consider These Elements of LMS Gamification When Choosing Your New LMS Customization

Gamification calls for a significant amount of preparation, coordination, research, and resources. Badges and leaderboards cannot simply be added to your current online training method. To engage and encourage online learners, you must infuse game elements into every facet of your eLearning course design.

An LMS is the first step in the process because it has built-in tools and user-tracking features that simplify adoption. When selecting your new LMS, consider these top 9 gamification elements.

  • Leaderboards

One of the most competitive aspects of gamification, leaderboards push corporate learners to outperform their colleagues to advance in status. It’s the perfect game concept for people who want to be acknowledged or applauded in front of others, which makes it more extrinsic than intrinsic in terms of incentive.

  • Points

Points can be acquired by finishing assignments or participating in optional online training activities. Once students have accrued a particular number of points, they can redeem them for gifts or open up new levels in the course.

  • Certificates/Badges

There are more concrete rewards, such as certificates and badges. Corporate learners must accomplish their objectives or demonstrate their skills to acquire a certificate. They can obtain a badge to track their progress when more “small” milestones are reached.

Online training programs like online safety training and certificates are ideal for compliance. If appropriate, the credentials may always have an expiration date, after which a corporate student must retake the online training course to renew their certification.

  • Collectibles

Humans have a propensity for collecting objects, whether baseball cards or course materials. Corporate learners can strive to finish their course library. The same principle governs trading. They must get in touch with another corporate learner if they have an item they need for their collection to work out a deal. Your online training sessions become more social and participatory thanks to this method.

  • Cost of the Course

Anyone who likes money? Developing a course currency that facilitates learning must accumulate during online training, and you can take advantage of this. This currency allows them to access online training materials, get useful advice, or even buy real rewards. Establish rules and emphasize that money has no monetary value.

  • e-raffle tickets

Give business learners the chance to accumulate tickets throughout the online training course and then organize a raffle where they can win rewards at the conclusion. Since corporate learners aren’t playing merely for learning—they’re in it to win, as they say—and obtaining incentives is their main objective, this game concept can be challenging. This is why combining it with a more fundamental game mechanic is always a great idea.

  • Keys or Rare items

This gamification component was directly lifted from the computer and video games. Corporate learners must finish an online training task or module to obtain a key. They need to save up a set number of keys to obtain a reward. Otherwise, that key will unlock the following level. You can even make keys that open doors to “secret” content, treasure chests, or additional online training resources like entertaining games or puzzles if you wish to take it a step further.

  • Gamification Templates

Creating a gamified online training course from scratch takes time and resources. Not to mention knowledge and technical abilities. However, selecting an LMS that offers gamification templates may make the process easier.

Level templates, for instance, can be used to design multi-tiered online training programs that increase engagement. Or a badge catalog that you must customize based on the duties and abilities of your position. Some platforms even come with integrated online asset libraries where you may discover themes, leaderboards, and blank badges.

  • Avatars

Visual representations of participants in a gamified environment are called avatars. They resemble the pictures we upload to our social media pages to reveal who we are. The user selects and develops them. They could be dynamic 3D models, pictograms, or actual images of the students.

Avatars are used to represent a user’s identity vividly. They also distinguish him from other people and other virtual personas. Students can also create new identities or adapt existing ones using avatars. They also enable users to participate in communities.

Other individuals were encouraged to compete or do better by seeing LMS customization.


The use of game design mechanics and aspects in situations that are not games is known as gamification. Most of the Elements of LMS Gamification covered in our article are appropriate for Custom LMS Development.

A gamified LMS integration service makes learning enjoyable and worth the time, money, and effort. This holds for scenarios involving both business training and education. At the end of the day, learners perform better because they are more engaged, driven, and willing to contribute.

For more information regarding Custom LMS Development, you can contact Folio3. Our Team would be delighted to help you out anytime! 

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