LMS in Healthcare Training: Features & Benefits

LMS Fo HealthCare

Executive Summary

The article highlights the Benefits of learning management systems for healthcare and emergency training for the staff to improve the patient’s experience. The various features and benefits of learning management systems are explored, emphasizing their usefulness in the healthcare sector.

Functions & Features of a HealthCare LMS

Although there are a variety and various types of LMS available in the market catering to different needs or requirements, some functions and features are most common among all LMS.

Here are the two essential functions that make up the core of an LMS:

  • A server that allows the instructors to create the course, training materials, exams, etc.
  • A user interface that is easy to use for both the instructors and the learners

When it comes the distinct features, the following are some of the top features of an LMS:

  • Different assessment tools like quizzes, exams, simulations, etc. 
  • Interactive learning material such as videos and games
  • Performance tracking so that the instructors can monitor the progress of the learners.
  • Notifications to alert the users to keep the updated
  • An organized and centralized place with access to the learning materials
  • Analytics features to measure the effectiveness of the training 
  • Compatible with mobile phones and other devices to ensure learning is easily accessible 
  • Compliance with regulations and relevant rules 
  • Protocols to ensure the safety of data

Why is an LMS required in Healthcare?

Regarding the healthcare sector, having a suitable LMS can prove to be highly beneficial for the success of the medical facility. Healthcare is one such department where learning and training are highly emphasized. With new medical developments and procedures being introduced daily, medical practitioners and staff must keep themselves equipped and updated to provide superior medical services.

LMS in Healthcare: Users and their types

A healthcare LMS can be used by any organization in the healthcare departments, from medical businesses to hospitals, to train their employees. Almost all kinds of LMS have three types of users. Let’s have a look at all three in reference to a healthcare LMS:

  • The learner takes the courses and training to upgrade their skills. For a healthcare LMS, it would be the medical staff.
  • The author uploads and manages the training and learning content. It might be the medical supervisor or trainer. 
  • The administrator assigns roles, adds or removes users, organizes groups, etc. It may be the same as the medical supervisor or another person involved in the training process.

Benefits of an LMS in Healthcare

Now that we have established why LMS is essential for healthcare and emergency training and its significant features let’s look at some of the key benefits of an LMS in healthcare.

  • It is a comprehensive means of training your medical staff. The system is virtual, so gathering all the learners in one place is no hassle. 
  • It reduces operating costs. Traditional means of training can be highly costly for the organization. LMS offers a cost-effective alternative to training. 
  • It is easy to use for all users. The trainers can upload and manage the material on the system with a few simple steps at one centralized location.
  • Since medical staff is already working with a busy schedule, an LMS enables flexible learning options so that the learners can complete the training at the place and time of their choosing.
  • It has the feature of including a blended approach to learning which may consist of course material, seminars, and case studies to make the learning process interactive and engaging.
  • The LMS can be designed to specifically cater to your organization’s requirements, thus resulting in higher efficiency. 
  • It is a simple way of ensuring compliance since all the relevant information is stored on the system, which helps the medical staff to stay updated on any changes.
  • It assists with human resource aspects such as recruitment and retention. The system shows how much time employees spend at work and helps monitor their performance.

All of the above LMS benefits ensure that the organization can provide improved service to its patients. LMS in healthcare is an effective yet budget-friendly way of delivering high-quality standards in the healthcare and emergency department. With better training, compliance, and performance monitoring, the overall efficiency and productivity of the medical business or facility will increase. 

Popular LMSs in Healthcare

Some of the most popular healthcare LMS in the market are:

  • iSpring Learn- an ideal LMS for medical institutions to train their employees with an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Docebo- an LMS that will enable you to automate the learning process with highly customizable features
  • Topyx- an LMS that is excellent for large healthcare organizations with an emphasis on social learning. 
  • CertCentral- an LMS that primarily works as a Continuing Medical Education (CME) software
  • SAP Litmos- a highly user-friendly LMS with innovative eLearning tools and the ability to upload blended material 

What To Look for When Selecting the Ideal HealthCare LMS

Certain aspects must be considered before choosing a Healthcare-specific LMS to make the most appropriate selection. Here are a few of the considerations that one needs to look at:

  • Identifying your own organization’s training needs and requirements 
  • The organization’s cost and budget for adopting an LMS
  • A user-friendly interface for the LMS that is easy to navigate
  • Ability to support different training materials and blended learning, including videos, PDFs, PPTs, etc. 
  • Whether the LMS offers scalability as the organization grows in size
  • What integration does the LMS offer, and which ones are relevant for you
  • Reporting and analytics features that the LMS provides, along with compliances (e.g., HIPPA and OSHA)

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