7 Great Reasons Why Custom eLearning Development is the Right Choice

reasons to choose elearning development is a right choice

The eLearning industry is full of choices.

Run a quick search on Google for eLearning solutions, and you will see tons of companies selling off-the-shelf solutions.

If you want to buy an Custom eLearning solution for your company’s L&D program, all you would require to do is talk to the vendor and purchase access to the system in less or no time.Ā 

Simple, right?

Admittedly, off-the-shelf eLearning solutions are cheaper and straightforward to start with.

However, there are limitations to how much organizations can benefit from them. They usually manifest generic content for all organizations.

Conversely, another more effective option has significant advantages, superior learning outcomes, and evident impact on organizations.Ā 

The alternative is custom eLearning solutions.

In this article, we explore exactly why custom eLearning solutions are the right choice for organizations- and why you should choose custom eLearning development over off-the-shelf solutions.

To make a smooth start, let’s first dig into what eLearning solutions are.

Basics of Custom eLearning SolutionsĀ 

Training and education have seen drastic changes over time.

Thanks to eLearning programs, businesses can now create more extensive educational opportunities for employees.Ā 

Holistically, eLearning (electronic learning) is the use of internet technology to deliver educational material to distant learners.

With eLearning, employees do not have to take time off to attend a seminar or class. They can learn when it suits them, from any place, anytime, using any device.

eLearning solutions, when customized, offer organizations unique ways to provide employees with bites of information to learn the ropes and educate them on resolving peculiar issues.

Merits of custom eLearning solutions are more than what meets the eye.Ā 

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons that make custom eLearning development the right pick for organizations.


7 Reasons Why Custom eLearning Development is the Right ChoiceĀ 

  1. eLearning is Carved to Fit an Organization’s Specific Needs

Every organization is unique.

Even organizations from the same domain can face vastly diverse challenges. When their challenges are distinct, how can the same off-the-shelf eLearning solution- built to cater to goals of different domains- address an organization’s specific L&D needs?

Although the ultimate objective of every business is high revenue, nuances in each organization’s endeavors make them unique.Ā 

Custom eLearning can help you achieve specific organizational goals, giving your business an edge over pre-built solutions.Ā 

Not only by the organization, but eLearning content is also customizable by department and employee to inculcate essential improvements in the behavior or skills of targeted employees.

  1. Custom Content Development Lets you Implement Diverse Learning Approaches

Modern learning programs incorporate various modalities.

To achieve your learning objectives, you can use gamification, nuanced assessments, microlearning modules, and scenario-based learning activities.

For some practical skills, nothing other than modern technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality and Virtual Labs (vLabs) is more suitable. As a blend of a variety of solutions, they are more effective at transferring skills and retaining knowledge.

Custom content development gives you the freedom to take advantage of a host of all such technologies available for learning today. This flexibility can be the edge your organization needs to reach L&D goals.

  1. Ensured Reliability and Consistency of InformationĀ 

When you customize learning programs and content, you can ensure all the layouts, instructional strategies, and interactions across the courses have a consistent tone, style, intent, and branding.Ā 

This builds reliability and trustworthiness in training material and boosts engagement.Ā 

Reliability and consistency are important elements of learning programs because they:

  • Improve the quality of the learning experienceĀ 
  • Make content presentation cohesive and learning models consistent in toneĀ Ā 
  • Enable re-usability of contentĀ 
  • Increase course completion rate and retentionĀ 
  1. Custom eLearning Content Has a Longer Shelf Life

Most industries need to keep abreast of the latest technologies, tools, and advances to succeed in their respective domains.

This is especially important in the field of learning and development because obsolete knowledge bites or educational material can damage an organization’s performance.

For example, when a high-tech domain opts to use off-the-shelf content, they take on a risky endeavor because they frequently need to bring the content up to date.

With off-the-shelf content, tracking down engagement issues and updating content is difficult accompanied by increased development time and cost.

Custom eLearning content, on the other hand, is easy to revamp. You can add microlearning modules to training and update them partly or fully without affecting the overall consistency.

  1. Custom eLearning Encourages Sharing and CollaborationĀ 

A collaborative environment is integral to an organization’s success.

To foster collaboration among your workforce, utilize interactive training and development activities.Ā 

Customizing content to tie with each employee’s role and responsibilities can help you encourage collaboration and evoke an emotional connection with a training module.

Consequently, it translates into satisfaction among learners as they feel more engaged and draw direct benefit from the training program. This can excite them to share content with peers and collaborate.Ā Ā 

When you customize training programs and make them meaningful and relevant, you create a learning environment and encourage healthy competition.

  1. Custom eLearning Content Development Accommodates Any Budget and ROI

Custom eLearning app development may seem expensive on the surface. Its benefits, however, outweigh the risk of investment.Ā 

Get help from skilled designers and content developers to design and organize your training to last for a long period through some inexpensive edits and modifications. This way, it will not need a complete overhaul later.

With targeted microlearning modules, you can reduce creation costs by 30% and decrease content production time by 300%.

What’s great about custom eLearning app development is that it is fully customizable. You can choose the most engaging and relevant training models to achieve learning objectives, resulting in better ROI.

  1. Custom eLearning Solutions Solely Belong to You

Most learning management systems (LMS) charge you an upfront cost or per-user fee to utilize them.

Though initial costs may be less than a custom eLearning solution, they turn out to be more costly down the lane.

In contrast, custom eLearning development may involve quite a bit of cost earlier, but the ownership will ultimately be yours. You will profit from a bunch of benefits in the long run.


eLearning solutions are a better option for training and education in the fast-paced professional world.

In addition to personalized content development, they allow you to update the material at any time, which is enough to keep learners up to date with the industry.

Leveraging custom eLearning solutions across various areas of your organization can help you focus on performance improvement.

If your training needs are different (which is the case with most organizations), it is evident that you need customized eLearning solutions. At Folio3, we leverage innovative technologies to build custom LMS development servicesĀ and gamified learning solutions that are applicable, efficient, and impactful for all kinds of corporate training.

To learn which solution best fits your needs, speak to one of our expert consultants.Ā 

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