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Biblionasium is an interactive, reading-focused social community for children between 6 and 13. It works by encouraging children to read and helping ignite their passion for books. They are dedicated to the critical belief that all kids can fall in love with reading. Consistent support and just the right book can ignite the spark.

Requirement and the idea behind it

  • To be able to differentiate between paying and non paying customers.
  • Introduce entity “School” in the system and map all the existing legacy data to these schools so that they can be marked as paid or unpaid.
  • Limit the unpaid schools to 1 group, 1 teacher and 30 students.
  • To be able to move schools with all the their data from existing 3rd party rostering system “Follet” to Biblionasium database so that the users can continue using the system after the contract expiration with “Follet”.
  • Bulk upload the data of the an entire school using a single csv/xlsx file. This includes creation of classrooms, teachers, students and assignment of teachers and students to the relevant classrooms.
  • Ability to merge multiple unpaid schools together into a paid subscription in case a customer decides to pay for the paid version down the line and has multiple accounts in the free version.
  • Improve user journeys and onboarding flows.
  • Alter system response messages to appropriate verbiage and add messages where missing.


  • Created a new “School Management” module on the admin panel, using which new schools can be added in the system and they can be classified as paid/unpaid.
  • Defined a logic to create schools for the existing legacy data and then mapped this data with the relevant schools.
  • Improved the user journey and user flows.
  • Developed a way on the UI to move selected schools along with their data from the current 3rd party rostering system which was about to fade out.
  • Implemented a bulk upload mechanism that takes in an excel/csv of the entire school, creates all the entities and do their relevant mappings.
  • Developed a merge school feature on the admin panel which merges the data of all the selected schools together in a paid subscription.
  • Implemented response messages and error messages where necessary.

Technology Used

Rails js







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