Empowerly offers college application counseling that is personalized to guarantee college admission success. It is one-on- one counseling led by former college admissions officers to help students and their families find a path to success in whatever fields they choose. The platform has separate dashboards for students, counselors and parents.

Requirement and the idea behind it

  • Carry out a Product discovery that would have 3 separate portals for the following:

    • Student Portal
      • Students should be able to list down their college/university aims and based on that start getting tasks/assignments from counselors to achieve these goals.
    • Counselors Portal

      • Counselors should be able to view each of their students, provide them with feedback on the progress they are making and guide them further about the next steps.
    • Admin Portal

      • Admins should be able to handle all sorts of logistics for both counselors and students on the application.



  • Designs and Prototypes for the product allowing seamless user experience for all portals.
  • All user roles were able to manage their own space independently and take required actions which were reflected on the other portals.

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