DOT & Line Learning Management System

Dot and Line is a platform through which women can earn from the comfort of their own homes. The blended learning educational program, which is a mixture of technology and conventional classroom methods link students and tutors in their vicinity together. The teacher must follow the curriculum and requirements provided by the clients for teaching. The platform makes it easier for the teachers to teach and allows the client provides training to the teachers, provides lesson plans, eases the hassle of administration through their different apps, and offers a marketing tool kit to teachers to effortlessly market themselves in their community.

Requirement and the idea behind it

  • To build a learning management system (LMS)
  • To automate the process of reporting, checking, and testing which traditionally is done through papers.
  • To create feedback forms for parents, students, and teaching environment surveys.
  • To create a search system to make it easy to look for students and teachers.


  • Developed the frontend to automate testing and made it tablet-friendly.
  • Created dashboards that reported student progress.
  • Gained parents’ feedback, using a survey created through the LMS.
  • Created a Geo-tagging system of tutors upon registration.
  • Built surveys in a way that they were accessible only when the device location matches the location provided by teachers
  • Created a search system that could identify the number of teachers available in the vicinity.
  • Developed 30 different types of interactive quizzes.
  • Developed a calculation engine that would divide fees according to teacher and client percentage share.

Technology Used






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