The Citizen Foundation Learning Management System

The Citizens Foundation is a non-profit organization, and one of the largest privately owned networks of low-cost formal schools. The Foundation operates a network of 1,687 school units, educating 275,000 students through over 12,000 teachers and principals, and over 17,400 employees

Requirement and the idea behind it

  • Reliable and scalable hosting
  • Learning management system (LMS) to support ongoing expansion into e-learning for widespread network of schools


  • LMS designed and deployed using Moodle to fulfil current work of scope, bearing future expansions in the elearning offerings
  • Database services backed by world’s leading Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Global search to locate teachers’ availability in each location
  • 30+ interactive e-learning content developed
  • Smart financial features fee collection as per teacher and client % share

Technology Used




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