Readers Bee


About the Customer

The Learning Circle Kids (LLC) has been working on technological platforms, streamlining them to make it more fun and child friendly and increase educational input for students. The core idea of Learning Circle Kids (LLC) is to make teaching engaging and increase its effectiveness by making teaching methods simpler. Moreover, the client wants to make learning more efficient and easier for students.

Requirement and the idea behind it

  • The client wanted children to have a smooth shift towards reading fluently. 
  • To make learning fun and engaging for students by removing uncertainty in the learning process.
  • The client provided the innovative idea to create multiple apps for the Spelling Bee project.
  • To create highly interactive apps with more emphasis on the discipline of the Honeycomb Reading method.


  • The app was creatively designed according to the needs of users aged five or below.
  • A paper-based keyboard called Daisy keyboard replaced QWERTY keyboards to make it more interactive and increase learning. designed according to the needs of users aged five or below.
  • 6 Multi award-winning apps were designed for the Reader Bee project according to the unique requirements of the client

Multi Award-Winning Apps


Reader bee presents letter pairing

With daisy sets of letters, kids can learn accuracy and fluency by matching Capital and lowercase letters by following hints.


Reader Bee Presents Big Letters

Helps kids from kindergarten and first grade in using capital letters in sentence forming. 


Reader Bee Sophie Stories

Helps children learn phonemics through context of sound play.


Reader Bee & the Story Tree

The app contains 30 fun and learning activities, six books for reading, and six spelling games.


Reader Bee's First Story Maker

Helps children see and write a letter through the Readers Bee Honeycomb Keyboard


Reader Bee's Run Away

Designed to help kindergarten and first-grade students create capital letters and read sentences by exchanging pictures with words.

Technology Used


IOS Framework


Check Dev


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